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YEAR 2009
Attempt FOUR questions. Select at least TWO questions from Section "A" and ONE question from Section "B". All questions carry equal marks. 
1. Faustus:  
"Now, Faustus, thou art
Conjuror laureat, 
Thou canst Command
great Mephistophilis."
Does Faustus Command or is commanded by Mephistophilis? Comment in detail. 
2. Queen: 
"What have I done, 
That thou dar'st wag
Thy Tongue
In noise so rude
against me." 
"Such an act
that blurs the grace
and modesty, 
calls virtue hypocrite." 
Discuss the relationship of mother and son in the light of this dialogue between the two. 
3. "There are," says the Fool, 
Two kinds of fools ____. 
"The one in motley here
(Pointing to himself) 
The other found out _______ there!
(Pointing to Lear)" 
Is Lear a fool? 
4. Write a comprehensive note on Caliban as an ardent champion of freedom from European colonial rule. 
5. Jonson's first aim in 'The Alchemist' is satire. Elaborate. 
6. "In the portrayal of elegance and distinction of manners," says Emile Legouis," Elucidate with reference to 'The Way of the World'. 
7. "We may call," writes A.C. Ward," Shaw's plays comedies of purpose." What is the purpose behind "Heartbreak House."? 

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